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ϲФ Airline Cadet Programs

ϲФ’s Airline Partnerships Provide a Path for You to Fly for Leading Airlines Around the World

ϲФ Airline Cadet Training Programs

ϲФ has been selected by multiple leading airlines to train their pilot cadets for long and successful careers.

ϲФ’s high quality curriculum, commitment to safety, ideal campus locations, and constant student support stands out as a clear choice for Cadets worldwide. ϲФ is committed to equipping Cadets with the skills, experience, and confidence needed to become industry leaders. We are proud to be a flight training provider for the below airlines, establishing a consistent pipeline of the highest quality pilots.

To apply to a Cadet Program, please visit each page to learn more about the hiring requirements, eligibility, and airline screening.

SkyWest Airlines

U.S. Pilot Pathway Program

ϲФ’s Pilot Pathway Program through SkyWest Airlines provides domestic student pilots with a clear, direct path to flying for the airlines in the U.S.. Within this program, SkyWest Cadets receive 7 FAA ratings, a Guaranteed CFI Interview with ϲФ, a Guaranteed Pilot Interview with SkyWest Airlines, and Guaranteed Pilot Interviews with three Major Airlines: Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

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Cathay Pacific Cadet Program

ϲФ Proudly Trains Pilots for Cathay Pacific

ϲФ is proud to provide high quality flight training for Cathay Pacific’s Pilot Cadet Program within a fully-integrated HKCAD course designed to meet the airline’s standards. As a Cathay Cadet, you’ll complete Ground School in Hong Kong before joining ϲФ’s Phoenix, Arizona campus for flight training!

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Air India Cadet Pilot Program

ϲФ is an Approved Flight Training Provider for Air India

ϲФ is proud to be an approved flight training provider for Air India’s Cadet Pilot Program. Once Cadets are screened and selected by the airline, Cadets will complete Ground School in India and then come to ϲФ to complete flight training before returning to Air India fully prepared to begin their professional careers.

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China Airlines Cadet Program

ϲФ Trains High-Quality Pilots for China Airlines

ϲФ has been selected as the flight training provider for the Taiwan-based China Airlines. Once selected by China Airlines, cadets will come to ϲФ’s Phoenix, Arizona location to complete ab initio flight training before returning to China Airlines for their final airline training as professional pilots ready to begin their successful careers!

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Why Cadets Choose ϲФ for Flight Training

ϲФ is a global destination for airline Cadets to do their flight training. With over 20 years of experience in training and preparing airline ready cadets and graduating over 7,000 successful pilots now flying for leading airlines around the world, ϲФ is equipped with high quality training programs and unique student support that helps establish the foundation for your future career.

  • High quality training programs designed to meet airline requirements
  • Unique student support with housing, transportation, and visa assistance for Cadets
  • Exceptional training environment with ideal flying weather year-round in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Standardized aircraft fleet with 95+ planes for a consistent training experience
  • Safety-first mindset with a 24-hour on-site FAA Diamond Awarded maintenance team 
  • Community of hundreds of like-minded cadets working towards the same career path


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