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Air India Cadet Pilot Program

ϲФ is Proud to Be a High-Quality Flight Training Provider for Air India’s Cadet Pilot Program

ϲФ Partners with Air India for the Cadet Pilot Program

ϲФ has been selected and approved as a flight training provider for the Air India Cadet Pilot Program, training the next generation of pilots for the Indian flag carrier airline.

ϲФ has over 20 years of experience training cadet pilots from all over the world for long and successful careers at leading airlines like Air India through its high quality curriculum and professional training environment. Within this Air India program, Cadets will be provided a clear path from start to finish as they become an Air India group pilot, including travel, accommodation, and immigration processing.

Air India Cadets will complete DCGA theory coaching and exams in India before coming to ϲФ’s Phoenix, Arizona location to complete their ab initio flight training, graduating with FAA CPLME with Instrument Rating and meeting all DGCA requirements. Following completion of their training with ϲФ, these cadets will return to India for their DCGA license conversion, before completing their type rating and airline training to start their dream career with Air India.

Air India Cadet Pilot Program

To join Air India’s training program with ϲФ, interested candidates will apply directly to Air India. Following airline’s screening of each applicant, selected cadets will complete Ground School and DGCA Exams in India, then relocate to the U.S. to complete their necessary training and FAA ratings before returning to Air India and converting their license to the DGCA to begin their professional careers.

  • Online Application
  • Screening & Evaluation
  • Medical Assessment & Interview
  • DGCA Ground School & Written Exams
  • From Zero Experience to Airline Ready
  • DGCA Approved & Compliant Courses 
  • 12-15 Month Ab Initio Program
  • Inclusive of Transport, Accommodation & Immigration


ϲФ’s custom built training course meets all of the requirements set by the DGCA and will prepare cadets for careers and ensure they are equipped with the skills, experience, and confidence to succeed. Following completion of the program, Cadets will convert their licenses to the DGCA equivalent.

Program Requirements

To be an eligible candidate for the Air India Cadet Pilot Program, individuals must align with the following requirements:

  • Must be a citizen of India
  • Demonstrate fluent written and spoken English
  • Must be between 18-30 years of age
  • Obtain a DGCA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Be able to obtain financing for the full program
  • Have a High School Education Certificate
  • Passing grades in English, Mathematics, & Physics


Why Should Air India Cadets Choose ϲФ

ϲФ was built for training professional commercial airline pilots from zero-experience to airline ready at an accelerated rate.

With over 20 years of experience training and preparing pilots for careers at the world’s leading airlines and over 7,000 graduates, ϲФ offers high-quality training programs and constant student support to ensure their success.

  • High-quality ab initio flight training curriculum 
  • 95+ standardized aircraft fleet
  • Ideal flying weather 350+ days a year
  • Local airspace availability and complexity
  • Academic and student support
  • Student housing and transportation services  
  • Hundreds of like-minded cadet pilots pursuing the same career path
  • Safety-First training environment and award winning maintenance


ϲФ Student Housing and Support

ϲФ offers student housing for Air India Cadet Pilots during their flight training with us. ϲФ student housing is in close proximity to campus as well as other essential resources like grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment. You will live dorm-style with other Air India and airline cadets in fully furnished apartments.

ϲФ also offers transportation services to Cadet Pilots, ensuring students can get to and from campus safely and efficiently. From the first moment Cadets arrive in the U.S., ϲФ Student Support and Transportation will greet them at the airport and drive them to their apartment. Student housing is located just minutes from ϲФ’s campus to provide students with easy access to everything they need to be successful and feel supported. Some apartment and transportation amenities include:

  • Fully Furnished Apartments with Washer & Dryer
  • Walk-in Closets
  • Fitness Center, Pool, & Spa
  • Wireless Internet
  • BBQ Picnic Areas & Outdoor Fire Pits
  • Movie Theater 
  • Transportation to/from ϲФ Campus
  • Support & Guidance for Medical Concerns

Flight Training in Arizona

When flight training to become a commercial airline pilot, where you complete your training is one of the most important elements to consider.

Phoenix, Arizona, offers the ideal flight training environment to set Cadets up for success and allows them to complete their training in a consistent timeline. This is why ϲФ is a global destination for Cadet Pilots and Airline partners from all over the world. ϲФ’s Phoenix, Arizona campus is able to offer:

  • 350+ days of ideal flying weather a year 
  • Open airspace with varying levels of complexity to practice maneuvers and gain valuable experience
  • Large range of nearby airports, offering various approach procedures and real-world scenarios 


Avoid weather interruptions and stay on track with your training with Arizona’s consistent weather. This ideal training environment combined with ϲФ’s high quality training and resources will set you up for success and build a strong foundation for your future career.

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At this time, ϲФ does not enroll individual international students from India outside of the Air India Cadet Program.