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How the Recent FAA Reauthorization Includes Steps Forward in Addressing the National DPE Shortage

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If you’re at all immersed in the aviation industry, you might have heard about the Designated Pilot Examiner shortage and how it’s impacting students in flight training and individuals becoming commercial airline pilots to begin their professional careers.

Recently, one of the key challenges that flight schools and pilots in training have faced is the availability of DPEs for conducting checkrides. Delays in scheduling checkrides can significantly impede the progress of students, leading to frustration and increased costs. By working closely with FSANA (Flight School Association of North America), has helped address this issue by advocating for increased DPE availability and providing a direct path for its students to complete their training on time.

Over the last few years, ϲФ has been leading efforts alongside FSANA in encouraging Congress to include language within FAA legislation that requires the administration to provide more airman practical tests and providing the funding to do so. Over time, ϲФ and FSANA have made several recommendations supported by practical examples of how the DPE shortage is impacting not just flight schools, but the industry as a whole.

Within the recent FAA Reauthorization, several valuable items were included in the legislation and will help to bring these recommendations and improvements to light, pushing overall change within the FAA and providing more examiners and airman practical tests for pilots in training.

Some of these improvements include changes to the Designee Locator Tool, managing DPE coordination, reporting wait times for DPEs, and other changes that will contribute to more DPE supply. The updates to the Designee Locator Tool will allow flight schools and student pilots to view the availability of a DPE and their credentials, creating an easier path to finding the examiners. The FAA will also be developing an office dedicated to the oversight and facilitation of DPEs being appointed, and we believe this effort will continue to lead the change we are seeking in managing the provision of DPEs across the nation. In addition to these steps forward, the FAA will be required to develop measurement tools to accurately report wait times for DPE services and how to reduce those wait times.

These improvements are steps in the right direction, and ϲФ is committed to continuing these efforts and alleviating the DPE shortage as much as possible. These efforts will be helpful for flight schools across the nation and for individuals pursing professional careers in aviation, as it provides them with the necessary framework to progress efficiently through their training.

ϲФ has established itself as a leader in leveraging these regulatory changes to the benefit of its students and the aviation community at large. ϲФ has played a pivotal role in advocating for this reauthorization and ensuring effective implementation, and we will continue to do so moving forward.

The FAA’s Reauthorization of DPE rules and regulations marks a significant step forward for flight schools and aspiring pilots alike. Through its collaboration with FSANA and proactive engagement with regulatory authorities, ϲФ continues to be a driving force for these efforts and we are constantly working to promote positive change within the industry. By prioritizing student success and advocating for industry-wide improvements, ϲФ continues to set a higher standard in flight training and provide our students with the seamless framework they deserve to establish their professional pilot careers.

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